Since 2006, when TD Sat & Sound was founded, our company has become one of the leading firms in home automation and audio-video products' integration sector in Marbella and in the Malaga province. We have earned our reputation through hard work, uncompromising precision and constant learning and adapting. We love what we do, and the variety of projects on our portfolio proves the scope of our engineering and execution capabilities. We deliver a reliable and innovative range of services for dozens of projects around the province. The company’s team members are passionate about engineering, infrastructure and design, and understand our clients’ needs and objectives.
We provide a wide range of products and services such as:

•    Home Automation/Smart Home Solutions
•    Light Control Systems
•    Heating & Cooling Autiomation
•    Security & Surveillance
•    Multi-Room Audio
•    HiFi
•    Outdoor Audio Solutions
•    TV/Video Distribution Products
•    Home and Outdoor Cinemas
•    Home & Corporate Network Design and Implementation


Home Automation · Domotics · Smart Home Solutions

Smart Home System will provide a simple interface to various aspects of your home, from music and TV entertainment right through to lighting/heating/security control and intercom functions. Each panel will be able to control all of these elements within the room it is situated in and across the whole property. The system will also provide the ability to use portable devices like smart phones and tablets to act as fully functional control interfaces giving you complete control wherever you are in the property.

Multiroom Audio - HiFi - Outdoor Speakers - Architectural Speakers

The audio distribution system acts as the backbone of the property-wide entertainment system. It will distribute audio from streaming sources (Spotify, Tidal, TuneIn etc), audio servers and disc players to all the speakers around the property. All of the equipment for this will be discretely installed to minimise the impact on the appearance and design of the property, whilst enhancing the living experience with entertainment everywhere

TV/Video Distribution Solutions - Home & Outdoor Cinemas

The video distribution system will deliver high definition video signals to each TV across the property. The system is designed to be compatible with HD/4K devices and has the ability to deliver video from any device connected to it to any of the screens in the property independently of what anyone else might be watching.

In addition to that we can help you design and build your own Home Theater or an Outdoor/Pool Cinema